TOUARI is opening on November 9th 2015
TOUARI öffnet am 9. November 2015.
O TOUARI puterel ando 9. Novembro 2015

Transatlantic University on Antiziganism and Roma Inclusion.

TOUARI is an Online Univrsity. Since the 09th of November 2015 the University is Online.
Students will be thought online in English, Romanes and German.

Teaching methods are Professor presentations via Youtube, Online lessons and researches of the European Centre for Antiziganism Research (Europäisches Zentrum für Antiziganismusforschung), their Scientists and Roma Experts.

Main approach is to provide knowlegde on Antiziganism, strethening the Roma people by giving them practical tools towards beeing discriminated against.

We teach interdisciplinary and very practical.

Most of our Professors are of Roma Origin.

Only Extraordenary studets will receive an Diploma (mainly after a relevant publication on Antiziganism or Roma Inclusion)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wippermann
Prof. Dr. Ian Hancock
Marko D. Knudsen
Prof. Dr. Gordon Mitchell


Number of Students:

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